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All you need to know about Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement

Often, your hip joints can suffer major damage owing to one or more reason, necessitating the need to perform a Hip replacement surgery. A visit to a hip replacement hospital might be unavoidable when you are experiencing pain in the hips which persists despite having medicines, increases in intensity with walking, manages to wake you out of your sleep, poses problem in going up and down the stairs and gives you difficulty in rising from a sitting position.

What are the causes of damage to the hip joint?

Among the leading causes of damage to the hip joint are:

1. Osteoarthritis: The slick cartilage which is found at the end of the bones and helps in movement of joints, undergoes a tear in this case.
2. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Mostly happens due to an overactive immune system which leads to inflammation and erosion of a cartilage. Joints can become disjoined and deformed in this case.
3. Osteonecrosis: The ball portion of the hip may not receive enough supply of blood, resulting in its deformation and collapse.

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In order to perform a Hip replacement surgery, a doctor will have to remove the damaged portion of the hip joint and place an alternate part, usually composed of metal or ceramic.

The procedure involved

Usually, a preliminary examination is involved before you end up at an Orthopedic surgery hospital. Here, the surgeon will gather information about your case and conduct various tests to determine the course of the surgery. This also makes the patient comfortable about the course of the treatment. Before the surgery, the surgeon administers a general anesthesia or a spinal block to numb the pain in the lower back. When the surgery is performed, the doctor usually makes an incision from the front or the side of the hip and removes the hip joint which is damaged. Then, he proceeds to plant the alternate bone and replace the round ball on top of the femur.

Are there are alternative treatments than going to a Hip replacement hospital?

The major issue that one faces with damage to the hip joint is with the pain that occurs while performing routine jobs. Hence, in order to counter this pain, doctors may suggest several exercises which will help increase muscle build up around the hips, suggest use of a walking stick, prescribe an over the counter medicine, perform an osteotomy of the femur, or perform a procedure of subchondroplasty to promote bone growth. With these measures, there can be significant improvement in the pain experienced in the hip joints.

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Various Orthopaedic surgery hospitals suggest that people between the ages 50 and 80 are most likely to get a hip replacement surgery performed on them. There are a number of risks associated with a hip replacement surgery but with Medtravels, you can connect with doctors all over the globe, who can help you get a durable treatment for your damaged hip. Reach out to us today and get in touch with a surgeon.

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