Overview Guide to Brain Tumor: Types, Symptom & Treatment


When someone is diagnosed with brain cancer, it comes up along with lots of social, physical functional and economic devastation, break out of this news have a significant impact on the existence and well being of the individual, but one must know that it’s not the end of life and you can again have a blissful expectancy through brain tumor surgery. Aim of this article is to give insight information about the ware bouts of brain cancer or tumor so that you can understand this life-changing event in the best possible way and deal with the challenges like a warrior.

What is a Brain Tumor?

Brain Tumor Surgery

Uncontrolled growth of brain cells when forming a mass is termed as a brain tumor, it can exist in any part of the brain usually classified as the space-occupying lesion. Tumor or brain cancer is not a proper textbook type of disease; clinical presentation is vast and sometimes extends to much beyond the physical nature. No doubt the field is as extensive as more than 150 types of brain tumor have been documented till date.

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Brain Tumor

A tumor that starts from the brain tissue itself is the primary brain tumor they are also known as benign cancers as they do not spread to other body organs, on the other hand, secondary brain cancer is the one that arises from supporting tissue of the nervous system like glial cell, neural sheath or meninges, they sometimes originates from other pathological sites and deposited as the secondary lesions. A secondary type of tumor is considered more dangerous and life-threatening.


However signature sign and symptoms are present in every case of brain tumor, Let us see some of the common pictorial presentation symptoms of a brain tumor patient. 


  1. Headache: This is the first ever sign for which a patient accidentally bumps into a neurologist, no matter how minute it seems if suffering from a repeated sharp aching headache one must consult the physician as soon as possible.
  2. Change in vision: Like blurring of vision, doubling of vision, this is associated with the compression of the optic nerve by the tumor.
  3. The problem in balancing: physician may perform assessment test like nose to tip, walking in straight like, failing in which indicates a negative control and coordination cycle.
  4. Dementia: this is often taken lightly and thought to be a normal aging process, but a sudden loss of memory should always a reason to raise eyebrows among doctors.
  5. Jerking of muscle: Constant jerks in either of the leg with muscular dystrophy. 

How to diagnose a tumor

  1. By neurological examination, usually done by an experienced neurologist.
  2. MRI: Special dye contrast used that can show any abnormalities present within the brain and spine.
  3. Ct scan: computerized tomography: Detailed images of the brain, it is also used to make brain surgery

Neurology Treatment in India

The Course of Action Once Diagnosed With a Brain Tumor

Medication and treatment or decision of brain surgery totally depends on the grading of the tumor, grade 1 is considered as safest of all and often easily manageable, grade 2 where the tissue growth is exaggerated and deviated from normal, grade 3 tissue growth become malignant with presence of abnormal cell and lastly grade 4 where tumor grows with high speed and spread to other locations too.

What you should do if diagnosed with a brain tumor

People who are diagnosed with a brain tumor have many treatment options from chemotherapy, radiotherapy to brain tumor surgery, various combination of treatments are tried and used depending upon the location, size, and growth of the lesion.

Before going for any treatment do ask few questions from the doctor like the type of tumor you have, the grade of the tumor, available treatment choices, how to prepare for them, cost of the whole procedure and what are the side effects. Looking into these points make you and other family members mentally prepared for an effective outcome.

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