Dental Surgery in India

Planning for Dental Surgery in India

Dental Surgery in India

Thinking of planning your dental surgery in India from the best surgeons, hospitals & clinics? You are just a click away to plan your complete medical trip and enjoy the benefits of value added services with Medtravels.

Medtravels assists you in facilitating complete dental surgery which includes all dental care like tooth extractions, dental implantology, and cyst curettage. Dental Surgery is a specialty that aims to not only cure the teeth but also more widely the mouth, the gums and the maxillary bones, for medical and/or aesthetic reasons. Dental care is one of the most important things you learn from your childhood. Carelessness in dental care may cause you oral problems leading to an unhealthy body.

tooth extraction and DentalSurgery in India

India has been producing top dental surgeons which may help you take complete care of your oral hygiene. People from all over the world have been planning their medical trip to India owing to the world class treatment and best care and hospitality.

In dental surgery, the surgeon will open the gum to incorporate the implant in the alveolar bone. This operation is performed under local anesthesia in the dental clinic or hospital. The cabinet will then be “transformed” into an operating block with sterile fields.

Dental Surgeons in India

Asepsis is indeed a determining factor for the success of the operation. The fact that the implant arrives absolutely sterile in the mouth is of paramount importance.

Let us discuss some of the facts about dental surgery which may provide you enough information to plan your medical trip.

Types of Dental Surgery:

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The oral and maxillofacial surgery evaluates and treats disorders, diseases, injuries and abnormalities of the mouth (mouth), jaw (maxilla) and face (facial). The oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specialized dentists certified to perform the surgery of the teeth, bones and muscles of the jaws and face, from the most complicated tooth to extract to the most complex fractures to be replaced. There are many experts and specialists in India to provide you safe and assured Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at great prices and best solutions. People from all over the world have been travelling to India to get medical assistance owing to better prices and highly qualified surgeons.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Periodontal Surgery

There are bacterial infections that affect and destroy the “periodontitis” namely the soft and hard tissues. They surround and support the teeth which are concerned gum, bone and attachment fibers or ligament (desmodont).


Periodontal diseases with tooth decay represent the main oral diseases. We speak of gingivitis when conditions concern only the gum. If the oral hygiene is optimal on the part of the patient and after the scaling / surfacing the pockets persist surgical treatment is required.

Periodontal surgery creates access and visibility to eradicate the bacteria and tartar that persist at the bottom of the periodontal pockets and along the roots. Decrease the depth of the periodontal pockets and restore to the alveolar bone (bone surrounding the teeth) a contour favorable to periodontal health. It also helps to remedy bone loss by bone filling materials.

The surgeries are performed under local anesthesia, order and post-operative advice are given by the practitioner. An appointment of control is necessary to remove the son of sutures placed and monitor healing

Which surgical techniques are used?

  • The coronary elongation- Surgical procedure that aims to lengthen the crown, the visible part of the teeth.
  • Periodontal plastic surgery- This is a surgery to thicken and cover the bare roots.
  • Preservation of the alveolar ridge- This is the preservation and reconstruction of the bone during an extraction in order to be able to envisage alternatives.

Endodontic treatment is usually performed in one or two sessions and includes the following steps:

First stage:
In order to allow painless treatment, the tooth to be treated is locally anesthetized and then this tooth is isolated from the oral cavity using an operative field. This is a like a rubber sheet that is placed around the tooth. This step makes it possible to isolate the tooth from the saliva, from the bacteria present in the oral cavity. Then the pulp chamber is opened, the channels are highlighted. With files the channels are slowly enlarged.  This then allows using a foam needle to disinfect and rinse the channels of the tooth and thus clean them. These various steps are carried out under a microscope, which allows the operator to clearly distinguish the number, shape and path of the channels. Similarly, the operator can distinguish with the microscope the main channel of the lateral or accessory channels.

Second stage:
Endodontic reprocessing of teeth may sometimes be necessary in the case of recontamination of the root canal system.

This can be due to several causes:

  • Narrow, curved canals could not be adequately disinfected and sealed;
  • Complicated ductal or apical anatomies do not permit satisfactory disinfection and sealing.
  • Not sealed fillings or crowns, allowing bacterial colonization from the oral cavity

Endodontic treatment

All these causes very often lead to the appearance of granuloma at the apex of the teeth, it is a cystic formation. The tooth is insulated with a dike. The use of an operating microscope thus makes it possible to detect all the channels and to see with precision their anatomy thus allowing a more precise bore of the channels. The disinfection, cleaning and sterilization of already treated canals can in some cases be very delicate and can take several sessions. In some cases the introduction of end canal drugs at different intervals is necessary. After a rigorous disinfection and an adequate bore conforming to the canal anatomy and respecting the totality of the length, a tight seal is achieved. X-rays should be performed at regular intervals to evaluate regression of the apical granuloma.

Top Recommended Surgeons for Dental Surgery India

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