Infertility Treatment

Reasons of Infertility and Natural Ways to Increase Fertility

Ways to Increase Fertility

The bad effect of the changing lifestyle affects your reproductive ability as well as have great impact on your health; Fertility is the means of naturally conceiving, but if the reproductive capacity becomes weak, it creates very difficult for the woman to become pregnant.Owing to the weakening of fertility, formation of eggs slows down in the testicles. Apart from that there several other reasons for the weakening of fertility. They are like if yoIncrease Fertilityu are slimmer, always work by placing the laptop in your lap, your body does not rest, any physical problem, due to smoking and alcohol consumption, etc. All this there are reasons to weaken your reproductive capacity but you can increase your fertility by consuming certain foods and using some other natural ways to increase fertility.

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Reasons for Infertility

  • Due to the weakness of fertility: Both overweight and underweight have a bad effect on your reproductive ability.
  • High intake of carbohydrate also affects your reproductive ability, because more carbohydrate increases blood sugar immediately, which increases insulin.
  • Women who use drugs or other substances in excessive quantities, they may also have this problem.
  • Reducing physical relation also affects your ability.
  • The lack of nutrients in the body also adversely affects your reproduction.
  • Eating more pain killers also reduces your fertility.
  • Caffeine consumption also has a negative effect on your reproductive ability.
  • It has also been found in research that women who sleep in high natural increase fertilitylight also have an effect on their reproductive capacity.

Natural Ways To Increase Fertility 

  • Consume Excess Quantity of Milk Products:-A full-fat diet that takes women once a day, reduces the risk of their infertility a quarter, and its consumption helps the ovary work better, as well as improve your reproductive capacity so that Women should definitely consume it.
  • Take Multivitamins: –Women should take a multivitamin to meet the shortage of body nutrients, folic acid, vitamin 12 and selenium, and other nutrients containing multivitamin also improve your fertility.
  • Do Not use Narcotics: –Excessive use of narcotics also affects your reproductive ability, because it reduces egg in the ovary, as well as excessive consumption of alcohol causes ovulation, and drugs should not be taken by women, women should be infertile. The problem also happens.
  • Relax Body: –Due to excessive stress, and the body does not give rest, it also affects the reproductive capacity of women, many times women find that their pregnancy is not happening, this is the reason for doing more work in your body, if you If you want to improve your fertility, you should also rest your body according to your labor.Infertility-7
  • Keep the Body Cool: –If you work longer by placing a laptop in your lap, use it for a hot bath, then it affects your sperm, while your sperm is increased by five times because of a cold bath. Therefore, avoid doing so; otherwise, you may have to face difficulties in pregnancy.
  • Controlling Weight: –Increased weight and low weight both have a negative effect on your reproductive ability, because overweight can confuse your cycle of ovulation, and due to low weight, the ability to produce eggs can be stopped, hence better fertility To keep your weight under control.
  • Take Vitamin D: –For better fertility, it is also very important for the amount of vitamin D in the body to be suitable, for this, women should eat such a diet in which Vitamin D is rich, besides women in light sunlight, because the Sun You get a lot of vitamin D from the rays, which helps you increase fertility.
  • Improve physical relationship: –The decrease in physical relationships also affects your reproductive ability because sex can help your sperm to keep the ovaries healthy, as well as increase the chances of your pregnancy, and once you have sex, Quality lasts for up to three days but if you take time to build physical relationships then gradually its quality starts decreasing.
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