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Frequently asked questions

Got a question or a doubt? We’ve got the answers right here.

Medtravels is a technical platform which helps to choose doctors, hospitals and allied services like e-visa, air ticket, rail ticket, taxi, hotel (accommodation) and ordering pharmacy post discharge according to location, level & budget.

First Register yourself generate user id and password and select the multiple services of your choice  offered on portal.

Fill your details to complete the registration process verify your credentials and generate your user id and password. 

Depends on the terms and conditions offered by healthcare provider for the services opted by you.

Yes but refer to the terms & conditions of the healthcare provider for the particular services opted by you

Yes but need to see the availability in advance during the dates of your visit

Yes select the hotel and area of your visit and select your nearest hotel available on your portal

No but multiple offer are available on the portal to suits to your budget

No if your booking have been confirmed however you can reschedule your visit without paying the extra 

Depends on the T& C of the healthcare provider mentioned on the portal

Yes with prior consultation with the healthcare provider

Medtravels doesn’t take the responsibility of the information shared by the healthcare provider, agents & aggregator and value added service provider.

No as all the information are shared by the individuals

Yes in the case of availing the service again. But not in the case of reschedule.

Medtravels offers referral points which can be utilized in multiple services

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