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  • BGS Global Hospital, Uttarahalli Main Rd, Sunkalpalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Dr Narendra  S
Name - Dr Narendra S
Specialty - Kidney Transplant

Dr Manish  Joshi
Name - Dr Manish Joshi
Specialty - Bariatric Surgery

Dr Sanjay Govil
Name - Dr Sanjay Govil
Specialty - Liver Transplant

Dr Basavaraj Cm
Name - Dr Basavaraj Cm
Specialty - Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr M  Ravikeerthy
Name - Dr M Ravikeerthy
Specialty - General Medicine

Dr Ravindranath Reddy D R
Name - Dr Ravindranath Reddy
Specialty - Cardiology (Medicine)

Dr Bhaskar Bv
Name - Dr Bhaskar Bv
Specialty - Cardiac Surgery

Dr N K Venkataramana
Name - Dr N K Venkataramana
Specialty - Neuro Surgery

Dr Jayanthi S  Thumsi
Name - Dr Jayanthi S Thumsi
Specialty - Surgical Oncology

Profile Description

Global Hospitals Group, India’s most renowned healthcare services provider offering better care, cutting-edge research and advanced education to caregivers, is one of the country’s fast growing chains of Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care Hospitals offering healthcare services of international standards. A 2000-bed Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care facility spread across Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, Global Hospitals is a pioneer in Multi-Organ Transplants including kidneys, liver, heart and lung. The Group offers most advanced clinical services across several disciplines such as Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary & Liver, Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Orthopaedics & Joint Replacements, Organ Specific Cancer Care, Urology & Nephrology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery, Critical Care & Pulmonology, Trauma & Emergency Care, ENT, Transfusion Medicine and other support specialties accessible to all the segments of the society with utmost care and compassion. With a vision to be a world-class healthcare provider turning distant possibilities into realities, Global Hospitals utilizes a strong combination of clinical expertise, advanced technology, world-class infrastructure and facilities is to deliver high quality medical services of international standards. Having collaborations with several leading Indian and internationally reputed academic institutions, the Group offers a wide array of academic programmes for both medical and non-medical professionals. Recognized by the government bodies for research, the Group has made significant strides in advanced medical research programmes including Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Programmes. Equipped with India's largest Multi-Organ Transplant Centre and the country's renowned team of experts in a host of specialties, Global Hospitals Group has now evolved into a clinical powerhouse giving a new lease of life to many battling with end-stage diseases.