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  • 94/4, MG Road, Near Sector 14, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
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Dr Suresh Vatsyayann
Name - Dr Suresh Vatsyayann
Specialty - Allergy & Immunology

Dr Narendra Gupta
Name - Dr Narendra Gupta
Specialty - Endocrine & Metabolic Diseases

Dr Vivek  Sharma
Name - Dr Vivek Sharma
Specialty - Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr Priyanajana Acharyya Sharma
Name - Dr Priyanajana Achary
Specialty - ENT Surgery

Dr S P Bhanot
Name - Dr S P Bhanot
Specialty - Surgical Oncology

Dr Smita Vats
Name - Dr Smita Vats
Specialty - Infertility

Dr Nidhi Goel Aggarwal
Name - Dr Nidhi Goel Aggarwa
Specialty - Infertility

Dr Subrat Saxena
Name - Dr Subrat Saxena
Specialty - General Surgery

Dr Arun Saroha
Name - Dr Arun Saroha
Specialty - Neuro Surgery

Dr Shilpi Bhadani
Name - Dr Shilpi Bhadani
Specialty - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Dr Rajiv Goel
Name - Dr Rajiv Goel
Specialty - Urology & Andrology

Dr Manisha  Mehta
Name - Dr Manisha Mehta
Specialty - Opthalmology

Profile Description

GNH Hospital at Gurgaon is multi superspecialty hospital catering to patients from all over the world. The hospital has truly put the city of Gurgaon on the international map as large number of patients from different parts of the world come to the hospital for advanced medical treatment, not available in their country The 5 storey fully airconditioned hospital has state of art modular operation theatres, deluxe suites, fully equipped intensive care units for adult, paediatric and neo natal patients. The hospital has the latest 360 degree MRI, High Speed spiral CT Scan, Colour Doppler, DEXA, Mammography, High Definition Video Endoscopy and Colonoscopy to boost the diagnostic confidence of our doctors. GNH Hospital is a professionally managed institution. Capt Rajesh Deshwal and Ms. Purnima Singh are the force behind this healthcare facility. There are several centres of excellence under the GNH brand. These include CLACS - Centre for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, Nayna - Eye Centre, Executive Health Lounge, Kilkari - Mother & Child Centre, Shindent - Dental Centre, Surgent - ENT Centre, Lapsurge - Laparoscopic Surgery Centre, JSI - Joint & Spine Institute, Chamcha - Healthy Food Restaurant.