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    35, Hospital Avenue, Dr. E. Borges, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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    Dr Shreedhar Archik
    • Dr Shreedhar Archik
    • Specialty - Joint Replacement Surgery
    • Degree - MS, D. ORTHO; M.SC.ORTHO (OXFORD)
    • Fee - 1000 INR
    Dr Bharat Shah
    •    Dr Bharat Shah
    •    Specialty - Kidney Transplant
    •    Degree - MD (Internal Medicine), DNB (Nephrology)
    •    Fee - 1000 INR
    Dr Aparna Govil  Bhasker
    Dr Shrinath  Kshirsagar
    Dr Akanksha  Chichra
    Dr Milind  Phadke
    Dr Charan P  Lanjewar
    Dr Zainulabedin  Hamdulay
    Dr Amjad M  Shaikh
    • Dr Amjad M Shaikh
    • Specialty - Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery
    • Degree - MBBS; Mch; MS Surgery
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Ajit  Baviskar
    • Dr Ajit Baviskar
    • Specialty - Critical Care Medicine
    • Degree - MBBS; MD Anaes; PGDHHM
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Harish  Chafle
    • Dr Harish Chafle
    • Specialty - Critical Care Medicine
    • Degree - MBBS;DTCD; DNB
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Kamlesh  Joshi
    Dr Ruhi  Kohli
    • Dr Ruhi Kohli
    • Specialty - Critical Care Medicine
    • Degree - MBBS; MD Medicine
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Anisha  Maydeo
    • Dr Anisha Maydeo
    • Specialty - Dentistry
    • Degree - Bachelor of Dental Surgery
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Mahesh  Patil
    Dr Aarti  Ullal
    Dr Sneha  Kothari
    • Dr Sneha Kothari
    • Specialty - Endocrine & Metabolic Diseases
    • Degree - MBBS; MD
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Sneha  Kothari
    •    Dr Sneha Kothari
    •    Specialty - Endocrine & Metabolic Diseases
    •    Degree - MBBS; MD
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Pushkar Dilip  Kasat
    Dr Raj Kishore  Agarwal
    Dr Saroj  Desai
    • Dr Saroj Desai
    • Specialty - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    • Degree - MBBS; DGO; MD
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Shubhada  Khandeparkar
    Dr Swati G  Allahbadia
    • Dr Swati G Allahbadi
    • Specialty - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    • Degree - MD Obstetrics & Gynaecology; DGO
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Sujata  Dalvi
    • Dr Sujata Dalvi
    • Specialty - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    • Degree - MBBS; MD; DGO
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Sudheer  Gokral
    Dr Samir  Shah
    • Dr Samir Shah
    • Specialty - Hepatobiliary Surgery
    • Degree - MBBS; MD; DM
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Akash  Shukla
    •    Dr Akash Shukla
    •    Specialty - Hepatobiliary Surgery
    •    Degree - MD; DM
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Ravi  Mohanka
    Dr Vinayak  Nikam
    •    Dr Vinayak Nikam
    •    Specialty - Liver Transplant
    •    Degree - MBBS; MS; DNB
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Prashant  Rajput
    Dr Kamini  Mehta
    Dr Pankaj  Agarwal
    Dr Sangeeta  Ravat
    Dr Suresh  Sankhla
    Dr Dattatraya  Muzumdar
    •    Dr Dattatraya Muzumd
    •    Specialty - Neuro Surgery
    •    Degree - Mch Neurosurgery
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Anup  Khatri
    Dr Shrinand V  Vaidya
    Dr Ashutosh  Chaudhari
    •    Dr Ashutosh Chaudhar
    •    Specialty - Orthopedics
    •    Degree - MBBS; MS ORTHO
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Nilesh G  Satbhai
    Dr Neena S  Sawant
    •    Dr Neena S Sawant
    •    Specialty - Psychiatry
    •    Degree - MD Psychiatry; DPM; PGDHHM; PGDMLS
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Vikas  Punamiya
    Dr Uday  Pawar
    •    Dr Uday Pawar
    •    Specialty - Spinal Surgery
    •    Degree - MBBS; DM Ortho; DNB
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Prashanth  Rao
    • Dr Prashanth Rao
    • Specialty - Gastroenterology (Medicine)
    • Degree - MBBS; MS
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Ninad  Katdare
    Dr Paresh R  Pai

    About Hospital

    We are one of the leading Quaternary Care Healthcare providers in India today with a network of nine (9) hospitals and over 2500 beds with hospitals located in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Treating more than 5000 international patients annually from over 25 different countries across the world, we have one of the largest solid organ transplant programs in the country providing Kidney, Liver, Heart, Lung and Bone Marrow Transplantation procedures under one roof. We are already receiving large number of patients from all over the globe.

    We would like to partner with medical doctors and institutions in bringing world class healthcare services within the economic and geographic reach of every one and to support each other in providing the best care to the patients in need of advanced treatment. Our promise is to give 360° care and services to all the patients with an aim to focus on patient delight and not just satisfaction.

    We intend to do this in the following way:

    1. Providing free and detailed Second Opinion by our specialist senior consultants to our partner physicians whenever they wish to refer a patient to our hospital. (The opinion would include cost implications and other formalities involved in case the patients needs to travel to India).

    2. Providing training to interested doctors from different countires, in our hospitals in India at a subsidized cost.

    3. Bringing our doctors/surgeons for conducting Outreach programs and Surgical camps with partner organisations.

    4. Helping partner physicians and organizations in exchange of skills, knowledge and expertise to enable them in providing best quality care to patients in due course of time.

    Further, would like to let you know that Global Hospitals Group is now a part of Parkway Holdings. the largest chain of hospitals in Asia. With Parkway's involvement in up-gradation, we aim to take our healthcare services to another level. Global Hospitals is a group of centers of medical excellence offering specialized quaternary and tertiary care. We are running 'THE LARGEST TRANSPLANT PROGRAMME" in the country. We perform all sorts of transplants including heart, lung, liver, kidney and bone marrow both adults and paediatric patients.

    We were the FIRST to perform PEDIATRIC AUXILLARY LIVER TRANSPLANT in ASIA. Apart from transplants, we super-specialise in Neurosciences where we are the first to perform Nucleus transplantation on Spine and DBS done in all units. Cardiac Sciences and Oncology where we are the first one to have First True Beam STx in Asia Pacific. Since we are multispecialty hospitals, we have the entire gamut of services supported by accomplished surgeons/ specialists.