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    Opp. Xavier's College, Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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    Dr Haresh Mehta
    • Dr Haresh Mehta
    • Specialty - Interventional Cardiology
    • Degree - DM
    • Fee - 1800 INR
    Dr Shekhar Ambardekar
    Dr Anvay Mulay
    • Dr Anvay Mulay
    • Specialty - Cardiac Surgery
    • Degree - MS MCh (CVTS)
    • Fee - 1300 INR
    Dr Suresh Advani
    Dr P Jagannath
    Dr Satish Rao
    • Dr Satish Rao
    • Specialty - Surgical Oncology
    • Degree - MS
    • Fee - 1800 INR
    Dr Anil Bhoraskar
    Dr Pradeep Talwalkar
    Dr Lalit Panchal
    Dr Vaibhav Kasodekar
    Dr Alka Kumar
    • Dr Alka Kumar
    • Specialty - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    • Degree - MD
    • Fee - 1300 INR
    Dr Am  Argikar
    • Dr Am Argikar
    • Specialty - Endocrine & Metabolic Diseases
    • Degree - -
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Akshay  Shah
    Dr Alpana  Sowani
    Dr Altamash  Shaikh
    Dr Anand  Utture
    Dr Anshu  Kulkarni
    • Dr Anshu Kulkarni
    • Specialty - Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences
    • Degree - -
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Arun  Bal
    Dr Avinash  Deo
    Dr C J  Bhave
    Dr D R  Kulkarni
    Dr Divya  Prabhat
    Dr Gagan J Singh
    •    Dr Gagan J Singh
    •    Specialty - Ophthalmology
    •    Degree - -
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Gurvinder Singh  Sawhney
    Dr Hemang D  Koppikar
    Dr Hodarkar  R
    Dr Juthika  Sheode
    Dr Kamalakar N  Dandekar
    Dr Kamlesh  Haria
    Dr Kaustubh  Mahajan
    Dr M R  Merchant
    •    Dr M R Merchant
    •    Specialty - Nephrology
    •    Degree - -
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Madhavi  Jeste
    Dr Mahesh  Sane
    Dr Mehul  Choksi
    • Dr Mehul Choksi
    • Specialty - Gastroenterology (Medicine)
    • Degree - MD Internal Medicine
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Nikhil  Kulkarni
    Dr Nilesh  Ranganekar
    Dr Haresh G Mehta
    Dr Haresh  Manglani
    Dr Hemangee  Dhavale
    Dr P  Jagannath
    Dr Paritosh A  Kamdar
    Dr Pradeep  Moonot
    Dr Prakash   Sanzgiri
    Dr Prashant  Mullerpatan
    Dr Preeti  Mehta
    Dr R M  Patankar
    Dr Ramesh  Rao
    Dr Ravindra  Tankiwale
    Dr S H  Advani
    Dr Sk  Jain
    • Dr Sk Jain
    • Specialty - Diabetology
    • Degree - -
    • Fee - NA
    Dr S N  Shah
    •    Dr S N Shah
    •    Specialty - Diabetology
    •    Degree - -
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Sd  Jain
    • Dr Sd Jain
    • Specialty - General Medicine
    • Degree - -
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Samir  Warty
    •    Dr Samir Warty
    •    Specialty - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
    •    Degree - -
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Sanjeev  Karmarkar
    Dr Satish  Rao
    Dr Satish  Samant
    Dr Shekhar S Ambardekar
    Dr Sudesh  Phanse
    Dr Sudhir  Joshi
    Dr Tushar  Rege
    • Dr Tushar Rege
    • Specialty - General Surgery
    • Degree - MS General Surgery
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Uday Hegdekar
    Dr Unmil  Shah
    Dr Vd  Sanghvi
    Dr Vaibhav  Kasodekar
    Dr Vandana  Shetty
    •    Dr Vandana Shetty
    •    Specialty - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    •    Degree - -
    •    Fee - NA
    Dr Vibhav  Kubal
    Dr Vijay Kulkarni
    Dr Yatin  Gadgil
    • Dr Yatin Gadgil
    • Specialty - General Medicine
    • Degree - MD Internal Medicine
    • Fee - NA
    Dr Paritosh  Baghel
    Dr Bharat  Bhosale
    Dr Rajay  Kumar
    Dr Abhijeet  Kale
    Dr Prashant  Chajjed
    Dr Ashay  Karpe
    Dr K P  Morwani

    About Hospital

    S.L.Raheja (A Fortis Associate) Hospital, Mahim has established a benchmark in healthcare and medical facilities in the neighborhood of Mahim & the western suburbs. Since its inception, the hospital has been equipped with Centers of Excellence in diverse medical fields such as Diabetes, Diabetic Foot Surgery, Oncology, Orthopedics (knee, hip replacement, arthroscopies, spine, foot & ankle), Cardiac Sciences, Neuro Sciences and Minimal Access Surgeries. It remains one of the pioneering institutions in the field of Diabetes, Oncology & Cardiac Care in the city. S.L.Raheja (A Fortis Associate) Hospital, Mahim has one of the most effective ICU and Casualty care services. These are modeled on international care standards to provide round the clock critical care services to ensure better emergency response and efficient critical care for our patients. Our excellent operation theatres and cath labs are committed to providing immediate care and treatment to critically ill patients.