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    GT-101, Giai Lane, SECTOR 93, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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    About Hospital

    Vedic Sutra—A first of its kind Techno-Ayurveda centre was founded by doctor Anu Jaiswal to provide Therapies based on the unison of Technology with Ayurveda for curing the Ailments of Body and Disorders of Mind.

    Vedic Sutra is a result of 17 years of diligent research of Dr. Anu Jaiswal in combining Ayurveda with Technology for quicker and more effective treatment procedures. Prior to establishing Vedic Sutra, she worked for 17 years to effectively combine Ayurveda with Technology, thus introducing Techno-Ayurveda Therapies by combining Panchkarma, Marma Therapy with PEMF Therapy.


    “Health and Wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.” With this vision, Vedic Sutra wellness center is committed to ensuring Healthy and a Sickness free life for all with  a passion for Ayurveda and dedication toward serving the community. Since 2017, Vedic Sutra Team have not only cured thousands of people of their ailments but also managed to leave a sparkling smile onto their faces.


    Accomplishments of Vedic Sutra

    • Successfully treated patients with Anxiety and Stress.
    • Successfully treated patients with Cervical Spondylosis, lower Back Pain, Tennis Elbow.
    • Successfully treated patients with Polycystic Ovaries (PCOD), leading towards irregular monthly cycles.
    • Successfully treated patients with Fatty Liver.
    • Successfully treated patients with Chronic Arthritis.
    • Successfully treated patients with Slip Discs.
    • Successfully treated patients with Thyroid.
    • Successfully treated patients with Hormonal imbalance.
    • Successfully treated patients with Diabetes.
    • Successfully treated patients with Obesity


    Dr Anu  Jaiswal
    •    Dr Anu Jaiswal
    •    Specialty - Ayurveda
    •    Fee - 500 INR
    •    Description -    

      Dr Anu Jaiswal is one of the most renowned Medical Oncology in Noida practicing at VEDIC SUTRA WELLNESS CENTER of successful surgeries and his expertise lies in the field of Dr Anu Jaiswal Medical Oncology Dr Anu Jaiswal has achieved several recognitions such as Dr Anu Jaiswal Medical Oncology

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