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Medical loan - “A friend in need, is a friend indeed”

Emergencies always knock on your door without warning but when they do, you can feel the heat of the pressure that it builds on you. Meeting a medical emergency is not something that anyone wants to wake up to but imagine how you would handle the same if you meet one! The first thing after transporting the patient to a good hospital would be to arrange the requisite funds which would meet the cost of treatment. Did you know that a medical loan can really help you tackle this situation without any hassle?

At Medtravels, you can connect with thousands of agents and health care facilitators who provide medical loans in a formal structure. This makes the mammoth task of finding the right medical loan provider, quite simple for a patient. This comes as a major relief for the family or attendant of a patient, who are already facing the stress of a medical emergency. At the same time, Medtravels also provides a comprehensive platform to various agents and health care facilitators, who can list their services at Medtravels. This means that Medtravels also provides a systematic way for various agents to spread and expand their business in a hassle free and formal manner.

Why choose us?

Medtravels is a comprehensive platform which allows a patient and an agent to seek and provide their services at the same time, all through a single platform. The ease and convenience of using a platform like Medtravels is irreplaceable. We make it possible for you to save you time and effort such that you can focus your attention on more worthy jobs. Healthcare is every person’s right, and we believe that money needs should not stand in the way. If you are looking to get a good medical loan online, do visit our space once and check out the options we have to offer.

We ensure medical costs never becomes a problem for good health

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About Medtravels

Medtravels ensures bridging the gap and providing accessibility for patients to interact directly with healthcare service providers. We remain committed to connecting all stakeholders across geographies, and focusing on taking Healthcare beyond boundaries.

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Reasons To Choose Us?

The Seal Of Reliability & Quality

We are one of the first few organizations in India to be NABH certified. This itself speaks out loud about the services and facilities we provide to our clients while ensuring optimum quality at all aspects.

Quality Treatment At Affordable Cost

We ensure to bring you the best in terms of both healthcare quality & affordability. We value our customers so providing the best of services to them at an affordable price is our objective.

First Consultation(s) / Opinion (s) With No Cost

We understand that getting the first opinion is the most crucial step towards your healthcare journey and so based on your reports, we provide you consultation(s) or opinion(s) from top-notch doctors & consultants without any charges.

Value Added Services

Travelling outside your home country can be a rigorous affair. So, here we are, to guide you through all the necessities such as – Medical Visa, Air Bookings, Accommodation, Air Ambulance, Pharmacy, Medical Loan, Leisure Travel.


We constantly strive to provide our clients with maximum options and so we have global coverage in terms of Healthcare Providers. We provide you hospital options from – INDIA, SINGAPORE, THAILAND, MALAYSIA, TURKEY & the list goes on


Our objective is to work with complete transparency with both our partners & clients. With this motto, we maintain not to charge you for anything. When you come for treatment, you pay the hospital directly.

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