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Physiotherapy Treatment In India

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a science of diagnosing and treating body injuries caused by physical means. The aim is to reduce pain and restore body functioning. Physiotherapy is used to improve a person’s quality of life through diagnosis, prognosis, physical session, and patient education performed by physiotherapists or physical therapists.

The therapy encompasses all age groups from infants and early adults to seniors dealing with musculoskeletal, orthopedics, respiratory, neurology, rheumatology, and sports injuries.

You may need a physical therapist to- relieve pain, rehab after an accident, injury, stroke or surgery, prevent disability, recovering from a bodily injury, control bladder or bowels, learn or adapt to assistive devices like cane or walker or an artificial limb, and improve movement. Therapist performs a physical examination to measure how well you walk or climb, analyze your heartbeat or rhythm, how well you reach, bend, grasp or move around, your balance or posture during any movement.

Physiotherapy is vital for cardiopulmonary conditions, cystic fibrosis, hand therapy, tears in the cuff, upper or lower back pain, temporomandibular joint disorders, spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, ortho & spine problems, cerebral palsy, tennis elbow, sports injuries, and urinary incontinence.

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