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Spinal Surgery In India

A spinal cord injury is a permanent or temporary damage to the spinal cord or nerves that cause changes in sensation, strength, and other bodily functions.

The common cause of spinal injury is trauma. Vehicle accidents cause most of the spinal injuries. Other types of reasons include:

•    Falls from heights

•    Sporting injuries such as football, diving, equestrian, rugby, etc.

•    Violence such as gunshot wounds or stabbing to the spine

Spinal Injury Treatment

The first step in spinal injury treatment is to verify the patient’s heart is beating with proper breathing. An injury in the upper neck can cause loss of normal breathing. Doctors use a breathing tube and ventilator to sustain a patient’s breathing. The next step is immobilization.

Emergency medical techniques place a blackboard or a cervical collar to prevent the spine from moving. If the patient has a spinal injury, spine movement will lead to damage.

The symptoms of spinal injury depend on where the damage is and whether the injury is complete or incomplete.

Here are some of the common symptoms of spinal injury-

•    Loss of movement

•    Loss or no altered sensation which includes the ability of feeling of cold, heat or touch

•    Loss of bladder control or bowel

•    Exaggerated spasms or reflex activities

•    Change in sexual sensitivity, sexual function, and fertility

•    Intense stinging or pain caused by injury of nerve fibers in spinal cord

•    Difficult in coughing or breathing

Driving safely, take precautions during sports activities, don’t drink and drive, avoid falls, and check water depth before diving.

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