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Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi 

Sarita Vihar, Sarita Vihar, Mathura Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Kidney Transplantation

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  • Specialities:
    • Nephrology
  • Level : Major
    Anaesthesia Type: General
  • Total stay at unit: 8 Days
  • Chances of repeat procedure : Negligible


  • (a) Up to 8 Days for both Donor and Recipient. For Donor 2 days in ICU & 6 days ward and for Recipient 5 days in ICU & 3 days ward. One Day Pre-Operative & 7 Days Post-Operative (Donor stay in General Ward & Recipient stay in Single Room)
  • (b). Post Operative lab charges for the Donor & Recipient.
  • (c)Post Operative Radiology Service for Donor & Recipient.
  • (d).Medicines & Medical Consumables 1,15000/- Donor and Recipient
  • (e) Recipient Pathology Services.
  • (f) Two Dialysis .
  • (g). Transfusion services: Four unit of Blood & Three unit of FFP.
  • (h) Surgeon's fees for Donor & Recipient.
  • (i) Anesthesia service for donor and recipient.


  • Pre Operative Donor Work up Or the recipient preparation.
  • Stay more than 8 Days will be charged extra.
  • Medication like Gancyclovir, Hbig, OKT3, FK506, ATG Mycophenalate and other imported medication. including need for TPN.
  • Pre operative Dialysis.
  • Corrective Surgery if any, after transplant for complications or biopsy after 8 days.
  • Any invasive cardiac imaging or intervention for heart disease that is required post operatively.
  • HLA typing & Cross Match.
  • Difference of room rent will be charged additionally if the Donor stays in higher category of ward.