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Paras Health Care Pvt Ltd 

C 1,, Sushant Lok Phase 1, Sector 43, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Rate : USD 9750
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Kidney Transplantation

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  • Specialities:
    • Nephrology
  • Level : Moderate
    Anaesthesia Type: General
    Return to normal activity: 90 Days
  • Total stay at unit: 42 Days
  • Chances of repeat procedure : Negligible


  • Pocedure cost, OT, Anesthesia charges, physio part of package
  • One pre operative dialysis, stnet removal after 4 week as day care procedure
  • Room rent,preoperative ivnvestigations,Post operative investigations
  • Medication and consumables including routine immunesuppresssive


  • Post opearative dialysis.kidney biopsy
  • Post operative plasmapheresis,preoperative cardiac evaluation
  • CT Angiography for renal vessels, ATG,OKT3, Ineterlukin II receptors
  • cross consultations, sirolimus,special drugs, consumables