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Wockhardt Hospital - South Mumbai 

Adams Wylie Memorial 1877, Dr Anand Rao Nair Road, Near Agripada Police Station, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Kidney Transplantation

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  • Specialities:
    • Nephrology
  • Level : Major
    Anaesthesia Type: General
    Return to normal activity: 30 Days
  • Duration : 300 Minutes
    Total stay at unit: 15 Hours
  • Chances of repeat procedure : Negligible


  • Total 15 days stay for recipient ( 2 days in SICU & 13 days in KTU) & 7 days for donor ( 1 day Stay in SICU + 6 days stay in Single Private Room )
  • Post-operative lab charges for the Donor & Recipient (Including Histopathology
  • Post-operative Radiology service for Donor & Recipient (Excluding CT Scan / MRI, if required).
  • Donor & Recipient OT/Ward consumables, Machine and OT Charges.
  • Two Pre-Operative dialysis
  • Transfusion services: Four units of blood.
  • Surgeon’s fee for donor & Recipient
  • Anaesthesia fee for donor & Recipient
  • RMO, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Diet / Dietician counselling


  • Stay more than 15 days for recipient and 7 days for donor will be charged extra.
  • Induction drug (Inj. Baxiliximab), Immunosuppressive Drugs.
  • In case of complications resulting in extra stay / investigation, usage of high value drugs, consumables etc., if required will be charged extra
  • Visits of treating consultants (in case of over Stay) and of other specialties if required will be charged extra.
  • Post discharge medicines.
  • Legal processing charges.
  • Re- exploration of recipient / donor will be charged additionally
  • Pre & post admission stay in the City is not included in the above given quote