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Kairali's Treatment For Paralysis
Kairali's Treatment For Paralysis
Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort

Kairali was founded in the year 1989. But the effort behind started long back. People behind Kairali inherited Ayurveda from their fore fathers & propagating throughout the world. The true Ayurveda percolated through generations and never lost .....

Rating :

Kairali's Treatment For Chronic Back Pain
Kairali's Treatment For Chronic Back Pain
Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort

Kairali was founded in the year 1989. But the effort behind started long back. People behind Kairali inherited Ayurveda from their fore fathers & propagating throughout the world. The true Ayurveda percolated through generations and never lost .....

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Patient Stories

  1. A good way to find hospital and doctors for our patient. You can book all required services from a single platform, which itself is convenient

  2. There are many online website providing health care service. But is one of the best worldwide health care providers.

  3. It is for sure going to change the way for buying healthcare services.

  4. I came to India for treatment. Medtravels helped me select the best doctors and hospitals for my treatment. I was very happy with the services of Medtravels. They arranged for everything ensuring that I do not have any problem in India. They also provide Interpreter services. I even met with the Director of the company. The hospitality of Medtravels is commendable. It is a good company

  5. Medtravels is doing a great job for us by bringing International doctors to Ghana to do camps and surgeries. We often do not get to travel outside even when we are suffering due to financial problems. Medtravels is helping bridging the gap

  6. For last four years, I have been suffering from various health issues and local doctors could only provide me temporary relief with various medicines. But I was tired of this constant pain. I wanted to have a permanent cure and that is when I decided to go online and found Medtravels. I contacted Medtravels and they adviced me for planning a visit to India for a detailed medical examination. I was hesitant at first but Medtravels patient care team was most helpful and guided me step by step to apply for India visa and make arrangements to fly to India. I was received at the Delhi Airport and was taken to Hospital and to my surprise an appointment was already booked for me. I had a clear picture of my medical issues and treatment plan. Now just 3 weeks later, I am so happy to have recovered and leaving for home.

  7. I would just like to thank everyone at the Medtravels for making my treatment journey a very pleasant one. From the time I arrived at the airport to leaving a month later, Medtravels has been there as a constant support. The Hospital staff and the treating surgeon was reassuring and looked after me quite well. I must say a special thank you to the Medtravels staff who helped me with all my needs on a daily basis. And I am definitely going to recommend it to my friends and family.

  8. My mother had breast cancer, I came to Fortis Hospital for her treatment through Medtravels. I was very satisfied with the services. Especially, the interpreter service by Md. Muztaba. I am happy with the services of Medtravels.

  9. My father suffered from Leukemia from a very long time. It scattered our family and we never had any celebrations. One of our family friend, suggested us to go to India for treatment due to high quality care and affordable cost. We searched for good options for Cancer Treatment in India and came across Medtravels website. We called them in their phone number and their patient care executive got in touch with us immediately as they could. They have been a helping hand at every step from getting medical tests done here in Nigeria to preparing for travel, medical visa, stay etc, they helped us so much with very small and big arrangements that were required to be done. We arrived in India and were received at the airport. Everything that was promised to us by Medtravels was delivered to us in an even better way than what we could have imagined. The Cancer Treatment was absolutely successful and my father is now slowly started to lead a normal life. I wish all the best to such an empathetic team of Medtravels.

  10. I first discovered Medtravels when I was doing online research looking for treatment of PCOD. I have lived with the pain and discomfort for more than a couple of years now which had affected my personal and social life. But Radiofrequency ablation treatment for me has come as a blessing indeed and in just one day I could feel the improvement, the pain was gone and I could walk easily. I was nervous about traveling half way around the world to have the surgery, but upon my arrival the staff put all my worries at ease. The pre-op tests performed on me in India were tests never performed on me in the United States. Thanks again to your team.

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Medtravels ensures bridging the gap and providing accessibility for patients to interact directly with healthcare service providers. We remain committed to connecting all stakeholders across geographies, and focusing on taking Healthcare beyond boundaries.

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The Seal Of Reliability & Quality

We are one of the first few organizations in India to be NABH certified. This itself speaks out loud about the services and facilities we provide to our clients.

Quality Treatment At Affordable Cost

We ensure to bring you the best in terms of both healthcare quality & affordability. We value our customers so providing the best of services to them at an affordable price is our objective.

First Consultation(s) / Opinion (s) With No Cost

Based on your reports, we provide you consultation(s) or opinion(s) from top-notch doctors & consultants without any charges.

Value Added Services

Travelling outside of your home country can be a rigorous affair. So, here we are, to guide you through all the necessities such as – Medical Visa, Air Bookings, Accommodation, Air Ambulance, Pharmacy, Medical Loan, Leisure Travel.


We have global coverage in terms of Healthcare Providers. We provide you hospital options from – INDIA, SINGAPORE, THAILAND, MALAYSIA, TURKEY & the list goes on


We don’t charge you anything. You come for treatment and pay the hospital directly.