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8/20, Rutland Gate 4th Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Mrs Fharzana Siraj
  •    Mrs Fharzana Siraj
  •    Specialty - Yoga
  •    Degree - Certified by Shri B.K.S.Iyengar, M.Sc (Yoga Therapy), MD (AM)
  •    Fee - 750 INR
Dr Jo Mathews
  •    Dr Jo Mathews
  •    Specialty - Acupuncture
  •    Degree - B.H.M.S., M.Sc., (Psycho)., M.D. (HOM)
  •    Fee - 750 INR
Ms Minacshi Pettukola
  •    Ms Minacshi Pettukola
  •    Specialty - Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
  •    Degree - B.Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics), M.Sc (Food Biotech)
  •    Fee - 750 INR

About Hospital

Orange Ray is a multi-speciality wellness centre which houses various alternative healing modalities and therapies along with multiple fitness options. At Orange Ray, we use minimal or NO medicines, surgery-advised patients are spared the trauma of the knife. Our Objective In today’s fast paced life, everyone wants quick fixes and instant solutions, but when it comes to health and fitness we are realizing the ineffectiveness of fads and pills. More and more people are beginning to appreciate a gentler, more natural approach to healing.

The Functional and Integrative medicine concept followed by Orange Ray addresses the healthcare needs of the people in a more holistic way rather than a component-based approach. All our treatment methods are formulated to achieve maximum harmony, metabolic balance and total wellness to our patients. With Orange Ray, they can look forward to effective healing in order to lead healthier and happier lives.

Orange ray offers: Pain Management and Cure

1. Yoga Chikitsa

2. Acupuncture

3. Homeopathy

4. Nutrition and Dietetics

5. Sujok/Acupressure

6. Psychological Counselling

7. Hypnotherapy

8. Reiki/Pranic Healing

9. Personalised Weight Loss

10. Natural Cosmetic Procedures General Yoga

11. Specialised Yoga

12. Aerobics & Zumba

13. Gym