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Wockhardt Hospital - South Mumbai 

Adams Wylie Memorial 1877, Dr Anand Rao Nair Road, Near Agripada Police Station, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Rate : USD 5400
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Home / Procedures / Lap Radical Prostatectomy


  • Specialities:
    • Urology & Andrology
  • Level : Moderate
    Anaesthesia Type: Spinal
    Return to normal activity: 14 Days
  • Duration : 120 Minutes
    Total stay at unit: 5 Days
  • Chances of repeat procedure : Negligible


  • hospital stay for the period mentioned
  • procedure cost as mentioned
  • consumables for the period of hospital stay mentioned
  • investigations for the period of hospital stay mentioned
  • standard diet / meals
  • pharmacy / medicines for the hospital stay
  • doctors consultation
  • city airport pickup-drop in AC car


  • International flight tickets VISA charges, cost of travel and tourism in the region, etc.
  • If stay exceeds more than above mentioned days then that would be charged extra (185USD per day).